The Harmony of Innovation

Dedicated to reviving the original design of Bobby DeNicola while pursuing my own visions.

—Brent Peters, Puje Trumpets

The all new Puje American Belle is now available to order.  This is one versatile horn! The red brass, US-made bell creates a new sound in the trumpet world.  The first model to be produced in my Portland, Oregon shop is at home playing smoky ballads or classical solos.  In fact, the prototype was purchased by an orchestral player!  If you have been searching for your unique voice but, like most of us, lack an unlimited budget, this is your horn.  LIke every Puje, it is hand-assembled by me.

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The PUJE® With this model I decided to honor Bobby's desire to offer an economical way to add one more horn to your collection.  Each horn is hand-assembled by me.  It is most likely the least expensive horn in its class.  This is not some student model, but a real player

Go to the models tab for ordering information. 

Video Clip of the PUJE

The Puje Classic is a faithful respresentation of the original Puje, with buttery smooth valves.  It can be soft and mellow or have a huge sound well into the upper register.

Video Clip of the Puje Classic

The Puje 3 is where I picked up after Bobby left off.  Mellow and broad and more open than the Classic.  It can be as dark as you need with a choice of bell materials.  My own Interchangeable Mouthpipe System (IMS),  large bell and multiple choices of round and semi-round tuning slides are a few of the differences you'll find in the "P3".

Video Clip of the Puje 3

Video Clip of the Puje 3

The Puje CTR is a Bb trumpet wrapped in a way that allows for a full-horn tuning slide, just like a Puje.  But unlike its cousin, it is 100% trumpet.

Video Clip of the CTR

The Puje Do-Si-Do is a really versitile little horn.  It has all the features of the Puje, plus it can be converted to the key of "C" by swapping out the slides.


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